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Jane Richardson, more commonly known as Jane the Killer, is the protagonist/anti-hero of the Creeypasta story Born of Science: Jane The Killer and other stories such as Jane's Letter.. Originally, she was a serial killer that killed people to spare them from being victims of Jeff the Killer.As of now she has been revised to be a more heroic character, and has dedicated herself to hunt down. Jane Todd Richardson, more famously known as Jane the Killer, it the titular main protagonist/anti-hero of the Creepypasta story of the same name. Originally, she was a serial killer that killed people to spare them from being victims of Jeff the Killer. As of now she has been revised to be a more heroic character, despite being seen as an antagonist. 1 History 2 Appearance 3 Personality 4. Jane Richardson, more commonly known as Jane the Killer, is the protagonist of the Creepypasta story Born of Science: the Birth of Jane the Killer and other stories. 1 History 2 Liquid Hate 3 Who Created Her? 4 Miscellaneous Information 5 References Jane Richardson started off as your typical girl, the talk of the town who's got it all — a great girlfriend, a job she enjoys, excellent. Jane Richardson, more commonly known as Jane the Killer, is the protagonist/anti-hero of the Creepypasta story Born of Science: Jane The Killer and other stories such as Jane's Letter.Originally, she was a serial killer who killed people to spare them from being victims of Jeff the Killer.As of now, she has been revised to be a more heroic character, and has dedicated herself to hunt down.

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Jane the Killer. From Trollpasta Wiki. Jump to navigation Jump to search. On a hot summer night around 4:33 in the morning, as Jeff the Killer took another victim—this time, a young wife, and also leaving her husband with a massive skull fracture as a result of blunt-force trauma, the only one to survive was the couple's 4-month-old baby that. She searched the famous website: CREEPYPASTA WIKI. She came to an article, ' JANE THE KILLER. So she decided to check the article out and she read about Jane. In one of the paragraphs it gave some info about what Jane will do. It said: Jane will scare Jeff the killer so they don't become Jeff's victims and get killed in the first place. Then.

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Moje prawdziwe nazwisko to Jane Arkensaw alias Jane the Killer. A oto jak poznałam Jeffa, sposób w jaki patrzyłam na niego i dlaczego chciałam go zabić. Kiedy usłyszałam o nowej rodzinie, która przeprowadziła się na drugą stronę ulicy, nie byłam tym zaskoczona. To byli mili sąsiedzi, a dom był stosunkowo tani, biorąc pod uwagę, gdzie się znajdował. Myślę, że miałam. Jane Elizabeth Arkensaw, currently known as Jane Everlasting or Jane the Killer, is a vigilante who constantly tries to hunt down her archenemy Jeff the Killer for murdering her family. She is the protagonist in The Jane The Killer Story, Jane The Killer: The Real Story Part 2, and Shattered Souls While Jeff the Killer is the antagonist for two of her origin stories. 1 Origin 2 Appearance 3. The killing runs in the family.Jane Jane The Killer is a character of the same name creepypasta. 1 Fanon Wiki Ideas So Far 1.1 Battle Record 1.2 Possible Opponents 2 Death Battle Info 2.1 Background 2.2 Powers 2.3 Weaponry 2.4 Feats 2.5 Weaknesses 3 Trivia Jane the Killer vs. Annabeth Chase.. Jane Miller (Jane Elizabeth Miller) is titular protagonist in Jane the Killer and female main protagonist in happypasta Jane is new member of happypasta and a former member of creepypasta Jane late gain same powers as Jeff the could, hopefully, power up a human's senses and overall abilities so the number of serial killers could be slowed down. Subjects would experience violent episodes and. Painkiller Jane is a fictional superhero created by Jimmy Palmiotti and Joe Quesada for Event Comics in 1995. Originally a five-issue mini-series, the character went on to star in numerous crossover titles with the likes of the Punisher, Vampirella, and Hellboy.. After Event comics, the character was exclusively written by Jimmy Palmiotti and drawn by various artists as it jumped from.

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Jane the Killer. Jane Arkensaw, mainly known as Jane the Killer or Jane Everlasting, is the main antagonist in the Jeff the Killer creepypasta series/spin offs. She appears most famously as the titular main protagonist in both versions of her own story and the titular main antagonist in Jeff the Killer Vs.. Jane was a normal girl until Jeff the Killer came into her life, killing her friends then putting bleach on her, lighting it on fire- similar to how his own skin was burned. Now she is determined to kill Jeff, in revenge for what he did to her. Tier: Likely 10-A, possibly 9-C Name: Jane Origin: Creepypasta Gender: Female Age: In her teens Classification: Psychotic teenager, Serial killer Power. Jane the Killer was once a normal girl with a crush who happen to be Jeffery Woods. Jane saw the 3 bullies attack Jeff and Liu say he was the one that hurt the bullies badly once the cops came. She was at the party the day Jeff was set on fire. She out the fire and called the cops if it had not been for Jane, Jeff would have died that day. After Jeff killed his whole family he went to Jane's. On a hot summer night around 4:33 in the morning, as Jeff the Killer took another victim—this time, a young wife, and also leaving her husband with a massive skull fracture as a result of blunt-force trauma, the only one to survive was the couple's 4-month-old baby that police have discovered crying in its crib. Along side the child, police have found a letter which was written on the back.

Contrary to popular belief, Jane Arkensaw, the story about a teenage girl who got burned and attended the same school as Jeff is NOT the original Jane the Killer or the canon version. Jane Richardson, created by DeviantArt user FearOfTheBackWolf, is the true Jane the Killer. Jane Arkensaw is an alternate interpretation of the character, despite. Información sobre: • Jane the killer • •♡ :black_square_button: Nombre completo: Jane Arkersaw:black_square_button: Era vecina de Jeff the Killer Jane arkensaw(o jane the killer) Edad: 16 años: Cumpleaños: 11 de noviembre: Color favorito: Blanco y negro: Gustos: Ayudar a las personas que lo necesitan: Disgustos: La gente mala que ase cosas malas y a jeff: Personalidad: Amable, buena, dulce pero después de lo que paso no es la misma solo protege a la gente para que no se valla a dormir The game have the following skin Killers: asylum doctor, Jeff the killer, jane the killer, Papa Roni, Slinging Slasher, Killer clown, happy the clown, Masked myers, Patches, Headless Harry, Chucky, Dr.devious, Killer kruger, Sawblade, Siren head, Slender man, Annie, Clucky, Corrupt cupid, killer gandma, Masked Killer, Red screamer, The purple slaughter man, ratthew cheeseworth, Darious Howley. Jane Arkensaw, znana głównie jako Jane the Killer lub Jane Everlasting, jest główną antagonistką w serii/spin-offie creepypasty Jeff the Killer. Jej najsłynniejszy występ jest w obu wersjach własnej historii oraz jako tytułowa główna antagonistka w Jeff the Killer vs. Jane the Killer. 1 Charakterystyka 1.1 Wygląd 1.2 Osobowość 2 Ciekawostki Przed zniekształceniem Jane miała.

Jane the Killer Jane was 15 years old when she met Jeff. Jeff had just moved into a new house the day before. Jane is great at art and is a good singer. Jane and Jeff became friends. A week later Jane was walking to school when Jane saw Jeff being picked on by bullies. That's when Jane saw Jeff attack the bullies in self defense. Liu punched one bully in the face, then Jeff stabbed the second. Talk:Jane the Killer | Creepypasta Biographies Wiki | Fandom. Creepypasta Biographies Wiki. Explore. Main Page; Discuss; All Pages; Community; Recent blog posts; Wiki Content. Recently Changed Pages. Jeff the Killer; Smile Dog; Talk: Jane the Killer Back to page. View source History Hi jane the killer my name is ryley i in love with you. Jane the Killer. Su verdadero nombre es Jane Arkensaw, ella era una chica muy hermosa; piel clara de ojos verdes, era vecina de Jeffrey Woods y prima de una niña llamada Vanessa Kennedy, pero esa es otra historia. Bueno, Jane vigilaba a Jeff de vez en cuando por la ventana, un día llegaba tarde a la escuela y vio a Randy y su pandilla. Jane the killer is practically the opposite of the character Jeff the killer. She is also a killer too, but as opposed to Jeff the killer, she says when she kills someone Don't go to sleep. Jane hates Jeff VERY Much, because he killed her family and burned them alive, also in an attempt to kill Jane whilst killing her family. Making Jane also have the pale skin, but her hair was 100% burnt. Jane Arkensaw, AKA Jane the Killer, was a Human murderer from the Creepypasta Multiverse.The daughter of Isabelle and Greg Arkensaw, she lived across the road from the infamous Jeffrey Woods' home when his killing spree began.. Prominent Variants. In one reality, Jane Richardson lost both of her parents, Bruce and Paula Richardson, to Jeff the Killer, forced to take care of her self, and her.

Share. Do not Go To Sleep - Jane. She is a deadly enemy of Jeff the killer. Jane was the only friend of Jeff. But her parents were killed by Jeff and then Jeff set her on fire. Jane is now seeking revenge against him. Jane has black eye lids, her face is pale white and her lips are red. Jane covers her red lips in black lip stick Rose (born Clara Ruvelle, commonly known as Sin Rostro) is a recurring character on Jane the Virgin. She is portrayed by Bridget Regan. 1 Character 2 Story 2.1 Season 1 2.2 Season 2 2.3 Season 3 2.4 Season 4 2.5 Season 5 3 Relationships 4 Disguises 5 Trivia 6 Photos 7 Episodes 8 Notes and references Introduced on the series as Rose, a whip-smart former attorney1 turned socialite wife to Emilio. Jane the Killer battled Jeff the Killer in Jeff the Killer vs Jane the Killer. She was played by SuperThingsOnCups but voiced by B-Lo Lorbes. 1 Information on the Rapper: 2 Lyrics: 2.1 Verse One: 2.2 Verse Two: In Jane's Letter (AKA Jane the Killer), during the events of Jeff the Killer killing young wife and her husband, a letter was found. This was what it said: Jeff, if you are reading. Nina the Killer was created by Alegotic-twevel. She's about 15-17 years old. Like Jeff, Nina also uses a kitchen knife to kill. Before going insane, she had light ivory skin and light brown hair. Her Enemies are Clockwork and Jane the Killer. She likes the sight of blood and killing Killer Combo - Jane's character trait is the ability to perform a small combo which is best used at the end of combos. Each time Jane lands a basic attack, she has a chance to have 1 Scratch added to her Scratch Meter. The chances of a Scratch being awarded increases with each hit of a combo. Pressing the Character Trait button will perform a.

Jane is the fanmade female counterpart of Jeff the Killer.The original story about her describes a report of a killing that is believed to be one of Jeff's but is revealed to have been committed by Jane, who left a letter for Jeff saying that she is coming that night to kill him and hates him so much that when she kills people she imagines that they are Jeff Jane The Killer. Em uma noite quente de verão, em torno das 4:33 da manhã, Jeff O Assassino fez outra vítima - desta vez, uma jovem esposa, também em seu marido ele causou um traumatismo craniano. O único a sobreviver foi o bebê do casal de 4 meses de idade, que a polícia encontrou chorando em seu berço. Ao lado da criança, a polícia. Author's note: This is a spin off the Jeff the Killer 2015 reboot by K. Banning Kellum. His remake can be found here. Both Jeff and Jane are considerably different than their original incarnations. I am well aware that 'Jane Arkensaw' is a plagarized version of the original character but I was.. Jane Arkensaw, Jane Everlasting or Jane the Killer is a female character and antagonist, derived from the history of Jeff the Killer , originated thanks to the stories made by fans in the creepypastas .Some fandoms they defend the existence of another Jane (surnamed Richardson).. This Jane Richardson is designated as the original version of the character and say that it was who was the basis.

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  1. Jane Toppan (March 31, 1854 - August 17, 1938), born Honora Kelley, was an American serial killer, nicknamed Jolly Jane.After her arrest in 1901, she confessed to thirty-one murders, but only twelve were confirmed. Toppan is quoted as saying that her ambition was to have killed more people—helpless people—than any other man or woman who ever lived
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  3. Jane the Killer Ver código Historial Discusión (0) ella era vecina de jeff, y le vigilaba de vez en cuando por la ventana ,hasta que un día que llegaba tarde a la escuela vio a randy y a su pandilla amenazando a jeff y a su hermano Liu ella sabia perfectamente que randy era un matón que hacia pagar a todos con una cantidad de dinero en.
  4. ciando a farmi incazzare. Il mio vero nome è Jane Arkensaw, alias Jane The Killer ed ecco come ho incontrato Jeff, il motivo per cui sono così e il mio modo di fare, e perché voglio ucciderlo
  5. Jeff the Killer smiling at the camera. When Jeff the killer name as Jeff he got bullied by Daniel and then got splayed In the eyes with fire then gets new Face and also Jeff killed janes parents and that's why Jane get avange on her family
  6. Killer Case Files are achievement-like items dropped rarely by killers (average 1-5% chance), excluding Jane The Killer. Jane's case file is obtained in a special way due to the fact that you can't kill her. Inside each case file are some basic information, origins and backstory on each killer. Some of these descriptions may change over time. Like buffs, killer case files will disappear if.

Jane the Giver is sisters with Jane the Killer. She likes to donate things she doesn't need to the not so lucky people. She looks the exact oppisite of Jane the Killer. She has long blonde hair and wears a ruby red dress. Although she and her sister aren't that much alike Jane the Giver always gives Jane the Killer a helping hand whenever she is stressed out with her search for Jeff the Killer. Jeff the killer & jane the killer. It was a Monday night and jane and jeff killed a couple.The couple's names was Jenni Anderson & Jake Latin.Then as jeff and jane walk out of the couple's house around 5:01 in the morning.They spotted a random house that was a 3 story house.The owners of the house that looks like a masion was Barbra Roberts. Author's Notes: All credit to the characters of Jeff, Liu, Randy, Keith, Troy and Jane go to the original authors of their respective stories. This is the third installment in my series detailing horrific events that go on to haunt the small town of Mandeville, LA several years after the incidents of my contest winning story, Jeff the Killer 2015. I would like to give a special thanks to Kevin. Nina Hopkins aka Nina the Killer is the protagonist of the creepypasta story of the same name. Nina Hopkins started as a normal fan-girl of Jeff. Nina would adore the Creepypasta character for nearly every quality about him and continue to read the story. Her 6 year old brother Chris wouldn't mind the obsession and would look up to his sister, they both got along quite well with the. An diesem Tag schwor ich, Rache an Jeff the Killer zu nehmen und änderte meinen Namen in ‚Jane Everlasting'. Denn ich werde die Einzige sein, die Jeff ewig jagt bis der Wahnsinn ein Ende hat und er Tod ist. Seit diesem Tag habe ich versucht, Jeff zu finden und ihn zu töten. Ihn zu Jagen

Jane let out a sarcastic wolf-whistle at the sight of her opponent in a sports bra and small shorts. The girls clashed again, and Jane dealt yet more shallow but painful cuts to Annabeth on the torso, legs and arms. More skin was exposed, so Jane was able to do more damage. Before long, Annabeth was dazed and bleeding Petra is a principal character on Jane the Virgin, portrayed by Yael Grobglas. 1 Character 2 Story 2.1 Past 2.2 Season 1 2.3 Season 2 2.4 Season 3 3 Family 4 Romances 5 Friends 6 Trivia 7 Episodes 8 Photos 9 Media 10 Notes and references Petra Andel is really Natalia, a girl from Olomouc, Czech Republic, who worked as a street violinist. She fled her home country with her mother in 2009 to. Jane the Killer. In einer heißen Sommernacht um ca. 4:33 Uhr am Morgen, nahm sich Jeff the Killer ein weiteres Opfer vor - dieses Mal eine junge Frau und ihren Ehemann, welche er mit einer massiven Schädelverletzung in Folge stumpfer Gewalteinwirkung tötete. Die Einzige, die überlebte, war das 4 Monate alte Baby des Paares, welches die. On a hot summer night Jeff the Killer took another victim—this time, a young wife, and also leaving her husband with a massive skull fracture as a result of blunt-force trauma, the only people to survive was the couple's 4-month-old baby and the babysitter . Along side the child, police have found a letter which was written on the back of a paper grocery bag in a black sharpie marker, and a. Jeff the Killer: Jane. Jeff does not appear physically, but is mentioned numerous times. In 2016, Jane Arkansaw and her father Drake moved into Mandeville and into the home that Jeff lived in. Drake planned to become high authority in Mandeville and would try to rebuild the homes in Shortcut Road, however his plan failed and followers of Jeff.

Red John (shortened as RJ', or RJK for Red John Killer, in the FBI and CBI case files), is the alias of the central antagonist in The Mentalist during its first six seasons, from Pilot to Red John.. While he was alive, Red John was California's most notorious serial killer, who murdered at least 41 people (and many more by proxies).He was also the founder of the Blake Association, a. Jane The Killer: I'm very flaming hot, so prepare to feel a second burn. Looks like I finally found you Jeff, now prepare for your worst. You got beaten up by bullies, HA! what a laugh. Your skin matches your white hoodie, and you look like crap! This battle will end faster than the birthday party. I'll make you suffer for what you did to me.

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John Vincent Bell was a prolific serial killer, family annihilator, stalker, abductor, and one-time proxy killer who appeared in the Season Five episode (as well as the pilot episode of Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders) The Fight. 1 Background 2 The Fight 3 Modus Operandi 4 Profile 5 Known Victims 6 Notes 7 Appearances Not much is revealed about Bell's early days, other than that he was born. In einer klaren dunklen Nacht als ich wieder allein Zuhause lag, kam es rechts aus der kleinen Eck so, dass es mich auferwecke. - Aufgestanden, ohne jene Furcht wurd ich doch wieder zu Boden geworfen, ein mir unbekanntes Gesicht direkt vor meinem Kindergesicht. - Da dacht ich es sei mein Teddy gefallen vom kleinen Schränklein am Gestrüpp. Im Unwissen wie ich mich doch wehren könne, sah ich. Pastas referencing the infamous Jeff the Killer pasta. Also includes stories from and about Furbearingbrick's alternate continuity, the Worm Jeff Saga, and pastas about/involving Jane the Killer. Please note that this category is for pastas in which Jeff or Jane explicitly appear Painkiller Jane est une série télévisée canado-américaine en 22 épisodes de 42 minutes, créée par Gil Grant d'après le personnage de comic homonyme et diffusée entre le 13 avril 2007 [1] et le 21 septembre 2007 sur Sci Fi Channel et au Canada à partir du 26 avril 2007 sur le système CH puis rediffusé à partir du 5 janvier 2008 sur le réseau Global.. En France, la série est. Jane's letter (aka jane the killer. On a hot summer night around 4:33 in the morning, as Jeff the Killer took another victim—this time, a young wife, and also leaving her husband with a massive skull fracture as a result of blunt-force trauma, the only one to survive was the couple's 4-month-old baby that police have discovered crying in its.

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  1. Steve Wilkos Show Lost Episode; LUNA; A Really Hidden Powerpuff Tape; The Budd Dwyer Suicide Tape; In With The Old, Out With The New (The Suicide Sadie Story
  2. Jane The Killer es un personaje de un creepypasta muy similar al de Jeff The Killer.En esta historia, Jane es vecina de Jeff y tras una discusión o enfrentamiento, este le prende fuego y acaba desfigurando su cara. A consecuencia de eso, Jane se pone una mascara blanca y una peluca negra jurando venganza por lo que le hizo
  3. They call me Painkiller Jane. And if you get that VW's license number out of him, we can get out hands on Terry The Turd tonight. Painkiller Jane to Jackie Estacado.[src] Jane Vasko, better known as the Painkiller Jane is a gun-toting sociopath vigilante, appearing in Painkiller Jane vs. The Darkness crossover comic. 1 Biography 1.1 In Search of Terry The Turd 1.2 The Stripper 2 Personality.
  4. g while Jane was gregarious and outgoing
  5. Background. Born sometime in 1958, Jane was known around her hometown of Golconda, Nevada, for her delusions and insanity. In 1980, Jane was abducted by prolific serial killer Frank Breitkopf, who intended for her to be another one of his victims.However, she mistakenly believed that Frank was an alien and believed that she was the lucky victim of an alien abduction
  6. d, and motivate her to become the female version of Jeff, and create her revenge, which consist of hunting down and murdering Jeff. others believes that Jeff managed to kill her and his whole families.
  7. Psychotic killer Jane Doherty. Jane Doherty (Maggie Marion) is the hidden main villainess of the 2006 film Killer Yacht Party (alternately titled Dead in the Water).Her brief backstory revealed that she was an aspiring musician new to Los Angeles, with the film's events having Jane and her best friend Lacy being invited to an exclusive VIP yacht party

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  1. Jane (Kate Micucci) is the hidden main villainess from the short comedy film,Werewolves, released on Halloween 2014. She appeared as one of the townspeople who found the local seer dead, having been killed by a werewolf who had been rampaging the town and killing its inhabitants. Jane immediately pinpoints Harvey as the werewolf, but despite clear evidence (the fact that he was in his werewolf.
  2. Jane Romero is one of 27 Survivors currently featured in Dead by Daylight . She was introduced as the Survivor of CHAPTER XI: Demise of the Faithful, a Chapter DLC released on 19 March 2019. 1 Overview 2 Lore 3 Jane's Perks 4 Achievements 5 Customisation 5.1 Default 5.2 Prestige 5.3 Event 5.4 DLC 5.5 Archives 5.6 In-Game Store 5.6.1 Outfits 5.6.2 Heads 5.6.3 Torsos 5.6.4 Legs 6 DLC 6.1.
  3. Jane era una miembro de alto rango de la guardia de los Vulturi en la Saga Crepúsculo. Ella era la hermana gemela de Alec, y juntos eran las más poderosas armas ofensivas de los Vulturi. Jane tenía la capacidad de inducir un paralizante, aunque ilusorio, dolor en las mentes de otras personas, que servía en gran medida para inculcar el miedo y mantener el orden de enfrentamientos. Ella fue.
  4. Are Jane's Parents. They Were Killed by Jeff. it's rumored that they were planning to Kill Jane

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Not a legitimate doll. Please create a OC/Fandom Wikia. Removed Jane Laut. Jane Laut is 62 years old and spouse of Dave Laut who was an American shot putter and he died at his home in Oxnard, California, on August 27, 2009, after being shot several times in the head by Jane.. She alleged that he had battered her since the beginning of their marriage, and she was convicted of murder and sentenced to 50-years-to-life Jane Pascal | The Murder, She Wrote Wiki | Fandom. The Murder, She Wrote Wiki. Explore. Main Page; All Pages; Community; Recent blog posts; Wiki Content. Recently Changed Pages. More The Murder, She Wrote Wiki. 0 Dennis Stanton; 1 Seth Hazlitt; 2 Frank Fletcher; Explore Wikis Universal Conquest Wiki. Let's Go Luna! Wiki. Club 57 Wiki. Dead by Daylight is an indie horror game developed and published by Behaviour Interactive.Dead by Daylight is both an action and survival horror multiplayer game in which one crazed, unstoppable Killer hunts down four Survivors through a terrifying nightmarish world in a deadly game of Cat & Mouse. It was released on 14 June 2016 for PC (Steam), 20 June 2017 for Console (XONE/PS4), 24. Lady - Jane the Killer (Creepypasya) Tramp - Jeff the Killer (Creepypasta

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  1. Jeff the Killer is an idea for a horror film by Nick C. It is meant to be a new origin story for the Creepypasta Serial Killer, Jeff the Killer. 1 Plot 2 Cast 3 Creepypasta References 3.1 Slenderman 3.2 Eyeless Jack 3.3 Jane the Killer 3.4 Ticci Toby The film starts with someone in a dark room sitting on the floor talking about inner demons, before revealing themselves as Jeff. The film.
  2. Jane the Killer; Il morso del 1987; Le origini di Eyeless Jack; The Slender Brothers; Le origini di Botius; La storia del Puppet; CreepypastaFF; Lunga; Media; Breve; Altro. Utilità Community Indietro Utilità Regolamento Avvisi Staff Categorie Indietro Staff LiquiÐ (Owner).
  3. The Silver Briefcase is the fifth episode of the seventh season of The Mentalist. 1 Summary 2 Recap 3 Cast 3.1 Main Cast 3.2 Recurring Cast 3.3 Guest Cast A chance encounter with a military colonel leads Jane to believe the soldier is hiding something, leading him to dig into the closed murder case of the man's wife. In a suburban house, a guy is washing his hands in the kitchen. He wipes his.
  4. Jane Hollis was a recurring character on Season Two of Scream Queens. Her husband, Bill, was a patient at Our Lady of Perpetual Suffering before being tragically murdered by Dr. Mike and Nurse Thomas. She had a son with Bill, who was revealed in Chanel Pour Homme-Icide to be Cassidy Cascade. In Rapunzel, Rapunzel, it was revealed that Jane orchestrated the original Green Meanie murders.
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  1. g incidents, appears with pale skin and burnt off eyelids, as well as a permanent grin carved onto his face. He is often considered among the most iconic and famous Creepypasta villains to date.
  2. Jane The Killer vS Jeff,The Killer Ver código-fonte Histórico Discutir (0) Em uma noite chuvosa, pai e filha estavam assistindo televisão, quando ouvem um grande barulho na janela. A filha fala: -Posso ir lá checar? -Não, diz o pai querendo proteger a filha. O pai chega perto da janela, ele abre a janela quando de repente... ele leva uma.
  3. Some of the fans even made expansions to the Creepypasta such as Jane the Killer created by DeviantART user FearOfTheBlackWolf, a woman who views Jeff as her nemesis and kills those before Jeff can, telling them to Don't Go To Sleep, You Won't Wake Up., the character became well liked among the fan base that a full audio book style written.
  4. You can chat with Jane The Killer here. Ask to Jane The Killer whatever you want. Talk to Jane The Killer online right now. Chat with Jane The Killer's chatbot is very easy and funn

Jeff the Killer is a psychotic serial killer who kills just for the fun of it. Jeff was born on May 19, 1997. He lived in a city in Oregon with his parents, Johnathan and Margraet, and his older brother, Liu. When Jeff was 10, his father, a police officer, got promoted to FBI and so the Wood family moved to another town. Jeff and Liu both went to the different schools, Jeff going into 4th. Nina ubrała się i opuściła szpital, nie wiedząc że stała się potworem że będzie zabijać z zimną krwią. Doszli do domu i Nina popatrzyła krzywo na front domu. Zauważyła, że w oknie pokazał się facet z czarnymi włosami i zielonymi oczami. Chłopiec zasłonił usta, oglądając jej zniekształconą twarz Zum anderen existiert die Geschichte der Jane the Killer, die ebenfalls auf der Jagd nach Jeff ist, weil dieser ihre Eltern ermordet hat. Am 29. Mai 2015 erschien mit Insanity: Jeff the Killer der erste Roman, in dem Jeff the Killer erscheint 1 Summary 2 Powers and Stats 3 Others 4 Discussions Zalgo came to this dimension after destroying the dimension belonging to the Der Ritter. He is the archenemy of Slenderman, leading an opposing army against him. Tier: At least 9-B, likely higher Name: Zalgo Origin: Jeff the Killer Saga Gender: Referred to as male, possibly genderless Age: Unknown, was alive before man was a species. Guadalupe County Jane Doe was a female killed on July 11, 1978. She is a victim of serial killing duo Ronald Lanphear and Diana Geisinger. 1 Case 2 Characteristics 3 Exclusions 4 Sources 5 Notes The victim was allegedly picked up in Perry, Oklahoma. Prior to her murder, the victim claimed July 11 was her seventeenth birthday. She said would always call her mother on her birthday but was killed.

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This reboot was the winner of the Creepypasta Wiki contest and is now its definitive Jeff the Killer story. Powers and Stats. Tier: Likely 10-B, possibly 10-A physically. 9-C with Knife Name: Jeffery Woods Origin: Creepypasta. Gender: Male Age: 15 (Jeff the Killer 2015), 19 (Scars of Corruption), Unknown (Jane, Disturbingly Cruel, Lui 1 The wiki entry originally 2 appearance 3 Interests and personality 4 As a happypasta To reply to BEN Drowned's message, it does. BEN, you have drowned. You have been bestowed un-drowndedness, and not he works for Nintendo. Another name for this fellow is BEN Swam, to make it more reasonable. But please refer to him as undrowned, to make him angry. Since their is little to no info given. Jeff the Killer is the self-proclaimed Most Handsome Man Alive and insane cereal killer. He eats a lot of cereal. 1 Appearance 2 Personality 3 Powers 4 Fashion Sense 5 Important Pieces of History 6 Trivia Jeff the Killer appears to be a white-faced, red-lipped humanoid with thick, black hair, which he lets fall to shoulder length. He sometimes wears a white hoody. He was said to have cut his. Eyeless Jack was once a normal 19 year old boy going to college to be a doctor one day his friends made him go into the woods where they forced him into a cave. It turned out they were a part of a cult they tied Jack down and gored out his eyes and poured tar into them. After they were done they started a dark spell which made a demon go into Jack, Jack broke free and killed everyone there.

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Daniela The Killer E. Eevee Ezekiel Eyeless Jack F. G. Glitchy Red Grinny cat H. Hoodie Herobrine I. J. Jeff The Killer Jane The Killer Jason The Toymaker Judge Angel K. Kate Kagekao L. Lavanville Lifeisobvious.gif Laughing Jack Laughing Jill Lazari Lost Silver Lulu M. Masky Mauvais Rêve (Le) N. Nicole Nina The Killer Nick Vanill Nathan The. -Punkt widzenia Jane- Tej nocy było zimno. Bardzo zimno. Biegłam ulicami zręcznie i szybko. Dotarłam na szczyt wieżowca i poderwałam się, aby popatrzeć na miasto. Zdjęłam maskę i spojrzałam na ruchliwą ulicę. Nie jestem pewna, dlaczego nadal nosiłam maskę, chociaż moja twarz została uzdrowiona. Maska stała się częścią mnie. Częścią mojej historii. Usiadłam na dachu i. Più tardi, a fine 2015, Creepypasta Wiki fece un contest per sostituire la pagina cancellata con un remake della storia di Jeff the Killer, il contest fu vinto da Banningk1979 (K. Banning Kellum) uno degli amministratori della wiki stessa, che la chiamò con il nome di Jeff the Killer 2015 Painkiller Jane vs. Terminator is a 4 part comic book series published by Dynamite Entertainment, by the writer Jimmy Palmiotti and Nigel Raynor published in December 2007. The following year it was collected in a one-volume TPB - Painkiller Jane vs. Terminator: Time to Kill. 1 Synopsis 1.1 Painkiller Jane #4 1.2 Terminator 2 #6 1.3 Painkiller Jane #5 1.4 Terminator 2 #7 2 Creative team 3. Painkiller Jane ist eine US-amerikanische Actionserie mit Mystery-Elementen von 2007. Sie basiert auf dem gleichnamigen Comic. Die Produktion der Serie wurde nach einer Staffel eingestellt. Handlung. Jane Vasco ist zusammen mit ihrer Partnerin Maureen Bowers Ermittlerin für die.

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Slender Man vs Jeff the Killer is the twenty-third installment of Epic Rap Battle Parodies and the eighth episode of Season 2. This battle features the legendary creepypasta stalker, Slender Man, rapping against the creepypasta psychopathic killer, Jeff the Killer, but they they are not alone. It was released on August 27th, 2013. 1 Cast 1.1 Rappers 1.2 Cameos 2 Lyrics 2.1 Slender Man: 2.2. Lt. Jane Doe is the fourth episode in NCIS Season 2 as well as the 27th episode of the entire NCIS series. 1 Synopsis 2 Prologue 3 Act One 4 Act Two 5 Act Three 6 Act Four 7 Trivia 8 Cast 8.1 Series Regulars 8.2 Recurring Cast 8.3 Guest Cast A sailor leaving the Norfolk Naval Base after being on a six-month deployment along with his buddy gets a shock when he finds the body of a young woman. Jeff the Killer, often referred to as Jeff, is an unknown character in BIWx3. It's unknown if he is in the current version of the game, but he can be found in the game's files. Jeff is strongly based off the popular creepypasta character Jeff the Killer. Apparently, his character model is fully animated. His exact behaviour in-game is unknown, but it's assumed that he is just a general chase.

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La phrase de Jeff avant de tuer ses victimes.Endors-toi. Jeff the Killer est le protagoniste principal des histoires creepypasta éponymes. C'est un tueur en série adolescent et enregistré comme Creepypasta. Il a été défiguré après avoir été incendié alors qu'il combattait une bande de brutes et a perdu la raison après avoir vu son nouveau et beau visage. 1 Biographie 2. Name: Tobias Erin Rogers Nickname: Ticci toby Canon Age: 19 years old aka 20 Height: 5'10 Birth Date: April 28th, 2000-2002 Quotes: Who the fuck needs a social life? I have the voices in my head to keep me company. Toby's Personality: Bipolar, upbeat, hyper, trouble-maker, delusional, Calm but can easily get mad. Toby's Backstory: Toby grew up with several mental disorders. This made it. No One Mourns the Wicked is the ninth episode of the fourth season, and 49th episode overall, of the series, Rizzoli & Isles. 1 Plot 2 Recap 3 Credits 3.1 Main Cast 3.2 Guest Cast 4 Quotes 5 Trivia 6 Promos 7 Gallery Jane and Maura are asked to present the case of a serial killer at a symposium for law enforcement; Jane and Maura make a discovery. ***This section contains SPOILERS. Read ahead. 1 History 1.1 Early Life 1.2 Introduction 1.3 Interacting with Spider-Man 1.4 New Romance 1.5 Marriage to Spider-Man 1.6 Marital Struggles 1.7 Breaking Point 1.8 One More Day 1.9 Brand New Day 1.10 Spider-Island 1.11 Ends of the Earth 1.12 Trying to Restart 1.13 Dying Wish 1.14 Superior Spider-Man 1.15 Invincible Iron Man 1.16 Reconciliation with Peter 1.17 Actress Career 1.18 Knowing Kindred. Entourage : Jane the Killer Ennemis : Randy, Keith et Troy (trois enfants de primaire dont il est le souffre-douleur), ses anciens camarades de classe dont il fut aussi le souffre-douleur, ainsi que les petits de primaire et de maternelle dont il le fût également, dont Tommy Erbter, 5 ans, Raphaël Gaillard, 8 ans, Dimitri Mallet, 10 ans.

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